Parisine Plus PTF - Tom Grace: typeface design, font development, and lettering
Parisine Plus PTF basic charset

Débuting in 1999, Jean François Porchez designed Parisine Plus as an expressive relative to his more pragmatic type family Parisine. Transformed into OpenType format as Parisine Plus PTF, it was released in 2006. The complete family of Parisine Plus PTF consists of twelve fonts. They have all been enhanced with support for OpenType features, and possess a large character set. This give them both the ability to set most European languages, and a repertoire of stylistic variations for a variety of lively combinations.

Role: Assistance in widening the character set for language and formatting support, as well as designing additional variant and alternate characters, programming for OpenType, design refinement, font family assembly, hinting, kerning, font production, and font testing.