Parisine Office - Tom Grace: typeface design, font development, and lettering
Parisine Office basic charset

A creation of Jean François Porchez, Parisine Office is a particular member of his Parisine family. Unlike its older sibling, which was created for signage and wayfinding, Parisine Office was developed as the printed voice of RATP, Paris’ metro and transit network. This family consists of four fonts, and was developed in OpenType format. Among its qualities are its large European character set, its various alternate characters and ligatures, and its support for high-end typographic finesse.

Role: Assistance in the design of alternate and variant characters, developing the character set, in addition to OpenType programming, kerning, hinting, font production, and font testing.

In 2006, Parisine Office received the award of l’Étoile de l’Observeur 2007 in the French national design competition Observeur du design 07.