Alverata - Tom Grace: typeface design, font development, and lettering
Alverata basic charset

Alverata is typeface designed by Gerard Unger. It is based on his lengthy research, in the form of a doctoral thesis, on the state of inscribed Latin letterforms found throughout Europe between roughly 1000–1200 AD. The varying geography, time, and even inscribers’ moods literally set in stone a rich diversity in the evolution of making our letters. It is this diversity that served as inspiration for the three subfamilies of Alverata – a twelve-style base family, a six-style Informal family, and a six-style Irregular family.

The differing degrees of unconventional letterforms between the styles, combined with a random-like effect that can pepper a text with a wide assortment of alternate letters, represent a remarkable endeavor in applying inscriptional variety to the world of typography. Along with the classic typographic refinements (multiple figure sets, fractions, ligatures, and small caps), Alverata includes polytonic Greek (assisted by Eirini Vlachou), and Cyrillic.

Role: Design assistance in the Latin and Cyrillic, hinting, OpenType programming, font family assembly, testing.