Aeris - Tom Grace, typeface design and font development
Aeris basic charset

Aeris represents a more contemporary treatment of the modulated sans serif. Its design combines the proportions and rhythm of the grotesk, the high contrast and tapered strokes reminiscent of handwriting, and open counters, which improve legibility. The melding of these qualities creates a firm presence and energy, retains a subtle softness, and is easy to read.

The typeface is made up of two subfamilies, one heavier than the other. Each subfamily consists of a regular, italic, bold, and bold italic. This family structure has an essential nature, making Aeris easy to use in office environments with applications that enable style-linking. At the same time, it is diverse enough, allowing designers to create sophisticated typography.

Supporting more than forty languages, the type family includes traditional typographic features such as small capitals, tabular and proportional figures, and a comprehensive superscript/subscript, among others. Each font, available in OpenType format, contains more than 650 characters, and has been adapted for a consistent appearance and legibility on both the printed page and on screen.

Aeris is suitable for books, magazines, reports, presentations, and signage, as well as advertising and corporate identities. It is available from Linotype.