About - Tom Grace: typeface design, font development, and lettering

The approach to creating or refining a digital typeface can be conceptually separated into two dimensions—the drawings, and the development necessary for the typeface to exist as software. These, in practice, have a large functional overlap, where the decisions to one can affect the other. This is why an awareness and experience with both aspects is important in achieving a high-quality product.

Here is what I do:

Concept and design   Creating a set of harmonious characters appropriate to a particular persona, condition, and usage

Extension of character sets   Enhancing a typeface’s support for languages as well as stylistic variations (eg. small caps, alternates, figures, and ornaments)

Design adaptation   Renovating an existing design to fulfill a new role

Expansion of styles and weights   Encouraging greater æsthetic and functional potential for a typeface

OpenType feature development   Enabling users to access a more dynamic typographic environment; to use characters in the way there were intended (eg. fractions, ligatures, alternates, figures)

Hinting   Improving the appearance in print and on screen

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